Adam the Environmentalist

Adam has been involved in environmental issues well before he got his Masters Degree in Environmental Science from Oxford Brooks University 25 years ago.

As a councillor on Mendip District Council, before we took the council over, Adam was instrumental in promoting the following:

Climate emergency: He was the first councillor to raise climate change as a priority at Mendip District Council in 2016, persuading the council to sign up to fight climate change by joining the Local Government Association’s Climate Local initiative. He supported the MDC climate emergency motion in February, and our party’s strong climate policy at conference in September. When we won control of Mendip in May 20I9, he drafted an action plan priority list which the council is now working to implement.

Fracking: He helped protect Mendip’s environment and Bath’s hot springs from the threat of fracking, by leading a strong cross-party motion in 2013.

The Professional Environmentalist

As an Environmental Consultant Adam has worked on many major building and infrastructure projects assessing the environmental impact of major developments on communities, habitats and people. He has also been responsible for setting and maintaining standards in the industry.

He has been a Registered EIA Practitioner with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) since the start of the scheme in the early 2000s, having helped pilot the scheme for IEMA, and ensuring the companies he has worked to retain their IEMA EIA Quality Mark.

At Coopers Edge, near Gloucester, he created, maintained and monitored an ecologically diverse landscape for a 1900 dwelling development next to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest which addressed potential objections and enhanced the area. The network of green spaces created by the development for residents incorporated retained veteran trees, new and retained hedgerows and woodland, a restored river corridor, play areas, restored species-rich wildflower meadows and areas of habitats enhanced for Barn Owls.

He has reviewed Enviromental Studies prepared by others for local planning authorities and Government agencies, e.g. Guildford Borough Council and Natural England, against good practice standards, ensureing that decision makers have the information they need to show environmental impacts have been assessed properly. He has also managed Habitats Regulations Assessments for major projects and plans, and Strategic Environmental Assessments of development plans and in so doing he has become familiar with and experienced in the requirements and application of a wide range of relevant environmental legislation & EIA case law.

He is:

A member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (MIEMA)

IEMA Registered EIA Practitioner

A Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv)

Former Chair of the Ireland & UK Branch of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) 2006-09, and Joint Chair 2010-11, and committee member 2005-11;

A member of IEMA Impact Assessment Network Steering Group since 2006

Publications and Presentations:

Contributor to good practice guidance: Carroll & Turpin, 2002, 'Environmental Impact Assessment: Practical Handbook', and joint author of 2nd edition, 2009; published by Thomas Telford, London.

Contributor to IEMA Quality Mark Practitioner Guidance Note ‘Delivering on EIA Promises’ (2016).

Visiting lecturer, University of Bath, MSc in Architectural Engineering, 2011-14, Environmental Design course, EIA module.

Sectors of experience:

Major residential, urban extension, and mixed-use developments:

Leisure and recreation:


Highways and Transport:


Energy, Minerals and Waste:

Water resources and quality:

Environmental Survey Reviews:

Strategic assessments:

Other Experience:

For over two years he successfully combined his MSc studies with part-time work as a care attendant, working with elderly people and people with disabilities, and relieving the stress on their carers. it required a mature and responsible attitude in order to provide a safe environment and emotional support to those in need.


1993-98: MSc in Environmental Assessment and Managemen - School of Planning, Oxford Brookes University

1989-92: BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences - School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich:



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