Be a County Councillor

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you want to become a candidate or if you already are an approved candidate or a sitting councillor the process for Approvals and Selection has started for the County Council Elections in 2021. Somerton and Frome covers 14 electoral divisions each with close to 10,000 registered voters and as those who have stood in the past will know, campaigning is more effective the longer we have to build recognition in an area. Although we have until May 2021, experience has shown us that we need your applications in as soon as possible. To this end we would like to get the approvals completed by March 2020 with the aim of getting selection completed by very early in 2020. We will be running events about what it is to be a councillor in the very near future but please don't wait to express your interest.

The Local Government Association provides a comprehensive breakdown of the duties of a councillor here.

For details and application forms contact Ian Stewart on 01963 251349 or email at

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