Bollocks to Brexit Bus

Bollocks to brexit - The facts based case to stop Brexit 

The 'Bollocks to Brexit' (B2B) Battle Bus arrived in Frome Town Centre on December 15th, as part of its tour around the UK. Campaigners raised over £17,000 through an online crowdfunding page to pay for the initiative.

"The plan is for a 'Bollocks to Brexit' bus to target Remainers across the country and motivate the South West into action. It is also to show the UK media that the Remainers' 'Bollocks to Brexit' is a much better campaign with far more support than Farage’s 'Leave Means Leave' bus tour.

Speaking about the event, Adam Boyden, who is a local Councillor and one of the people welcoming the bus said “ I Remember when the Prime Minister said she wouldn’t call a general election, and then she did? Yesterday she did something else she said she wouldn't to do - she pulled out of putting her deal to the vote in Parliament, because she knew it would be crushingly defeated. The Prime Minister has also said that she won’t allow a People’s Vote, but there is now every reason to believe we can persuade her to do just that."

Its now obvious there is no Brexit deal that can meet the contradictory promises made in 2016 and the European Court of Justice ruling has made it clear that we can unilaterally withdraw our request to leave and we can keep the unique agreements we’ve negotiated with Europe over nearly half a century of membership.

A People’s Vote now feels increasingly inevitable, so we're going to work even harder over the next few weeks to make the case for a People’s Vote on any deal.


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