Bridging the Digital Divide

What do you do if you are parents in lockdown with your chidren and you cannot afford the IT to get access to online learning and other services? The "Digital Divide" is a major problem but now in the crisis it is destoying lives, crushing hope and making the disadvantaged even more vulnerable than ever.

We can wait for Government, local authorities and manufacturers to find the money and build the equipment then distribute it to fill the gap but this will take time so what can we do now?

To bridge this divide we can look to home - literally. It is estimated that there are up to five pieces of IT Tech not being used or redundant in the average household add to this the number of businesses that have old equipment stored in cupboards, unused, gathering dust. Much of this can be refurbished and reused and the remaining items can be recycled providing cash to do more.

I have been working with Simon Barfoot of Blackmore IT (click here to see the video) who has set up facilities to refurbish and recycle unused tech under the banner Laptops for Learners. So we have the facilities, all we need is the kit.


I want you to look under your beds, in your cupboards, in your lofts and dig out your old laptops, gaming consoles, computers, mobile phones (please don't forget the transformers and power leads if you have them but don't worry if you don't) and give them to us so we can put them back in use and get all our children learning.

The kit will be sorted and refurbished. Any equipment that cannot be refurbished will be recycled and the money from the recycled material will be reinvested in the scheme.

Cllr Sarah Dyke (by hook or crook) handing over the first two refurbished computers to Rebecca Eyres the Head of Milborne Port Primary School.

If you are in the South Somerset area contact Cllr Sarah Dyke to find out how to get your tech to us.

Mobile: 07979 535542

Email:  [email protected]

If you are in the Mendip area contact Cllr Barry O'Leary to find out how to get your tech to us.

Phone: 01749 321421

Email:  [email protected]

We hope to have more collection points over the area in the coming weeks.

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