New Look South Somerset District Council

South Somerset stays Lib Dem but with a new look as council meets

With many of the councillors being newly elected, it looked a very different council that met, but the dramatic change was the majority with the Liberal Democrats taking 41 of the 60 seats.

Cllr Val Keitch, who represents Ilminster, was nominated unopposed as Leader and will continue in the role she has undertaken since September, saying it was a great honour to do so. Cllr Peter Seib will be the Deputy Leader.

During the meeting, which took place on Tuesday 21 May, Cllr Tony Capozzoli stood down as South Somerset District Council Chairman saying it had been an honour and privilege to have held the role. Cllr Paul Maxwell was voted in as the new chairman with Cllr Jenny Kenton serving as vice chair (Cllr Mike Best had previously served in this post).

Cllr Maxwell said: “I want to thank both Tony and Mike for the superb jobs they did for this Council. I also want to give a warm welcome to our new councillors and I want this to be a Council where we treat each other with respect, regarding of political parties and views. We were elected to serve the people of South Somerset and we want to make them proud of this Council.”

The meeting saw portfolio holders – the elected council members who are responsible for different areas of the Council's work – appointed.

The portfolios have been redesigned to link more closely with the areas of work in the Council Plan, the document which sets out the vision and aims for the Council and how these are going to be delivered through areas of focus and priority projects. The current annual action plan and priority projects were approved unanimously by Full Council in February 2019.


  • Cllr Val Keitch - Leader of South Somerset District Council
  • Cllr Peter Seib - Deputy Leader of South Somerset District Council
  • Cllr Paul Maxwell - Chair of South Somerset District Council
  • Cllr Jenny Kenton - Vice Chair of South Somerset District Council
  • Cllr Val Keitch - Strategy and Housing
  • Cllr Peter Seib - Finance
  • Cllr John Clark - Economic development and commercial strategy
  • Cllr Sarah Dyke - Environment
  • Cllr Mike Best - Health and wellbeing
  • Cllr Tony Lock - Protecting core services
The council’s committee structure and chairs and vice chairs are as follows:
  • Scrutiny Committee - Cllr Crispin Raikes Chair - Cllr Sue Osborne and Cllr Gerard Tucker as Vice Chairs
  • Audit committee - Cllr Martin Carnell Chair - Cllr Mike Hewitson Vice Chair
  • Regulation committee - Cllr Peter Gubbins Chair - Cllr Neil Bloomfield Vice Chair
  • Licensing committee - Cllr David Recardo Chair - Cllr Wes Read Vice Chair
  • Appointments committee - Cllr Val Keitch Chair - Cllr Peter Seib Vice Chair
  • Standards committee - Cllr Peter Gubbins Chair
  • The Area West committee - Cllr Jason Baker Chair
  • The Area South committee - Cllr Peter Gubbins Chair
  • The Area East committee - Cllr Henry Hobhouse Chair
  • The Area North committee - Cllr Adam Dance Chair

For more information about South Somerset District Council’s councillors, committees and boards and for a full list of public meetings, please visit or contact South Somerset District Council’s customer services on 01935 462462.

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