Mendip Leaders Report

The Mendip Lib Dem group report

May  2019 to November 2020

Following the unexpected successful elections, we won 22 wards, up from 10, and took the tory majority of 32 down to 10. In addition there were 10 Green Cllrs and 5 Independents Cllrs. Since then the situation has changed, we now have welcomed Edric Hobbs and Helen White to our group of 24 Cllrs, 2 independants, 11 tories and 10 greens.

Our corporate priorities were agreed across party and we are working on a green, fairer and more vibrant Mendip, recognising the distinctiveness of our city, towns and villages.

Our administration after 16 years of tory rule is addressing many of the concerns we campaigned on. A wide range of green initiatives from reducing car idling to improving waste collection and meadowing some of our land. Returning assets back to the community such as Boyles Cross, and improving relationships and supporting community activities in our Parishes.

The walking and cycling corporate project is working with communities to open more of the Strawberry line and develop commuter routes between our communities.

Our work on deprivation has some key work around council tax support to our greener warmer houses initiatives, and the serious amount of community support during the pandemic.

Our business have not been neglected, from paying business grants to workshops for those who need to meet the challenge of export post Brexit.

In the background we have been unwinding some of the 5 Councils contract, bringing services back in house from Capita outsourcing, working on COVID support, the development of a cross party, all Somerset District Council wide response to the unitary plans of the government, response to the white paper on handling and many of our green initiatives. In essence it has been a productive year for a new administration.


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