Demanding a Peoples Vote - Somerton and Frome


On Saturday 24th November, I and my Lib Dem team will be out in force across Somerset, on the streets of Frome, Somerton and right across our county, talking to friends, family, neighbours and all those affected by what can only be described as a bad Brexit deal. We will be handing out leaflets which you can download by clicking here.
I and my campaign team are in action on Saturday 24th November, in Frome Market Place (starting outside Oxfam) from 10am until 12 noon listening and working. Look for us and please come and help!  I will be front and centre wearing my rosette. I and my team will be standing up for Somerset, for the people’s vote! Will you join us?
Last week Theresa May finally announced her draft Brexit withdrawl agreement. The immediate result? Many of her ministers resigned in protest, Westminster was  left in Tory ideological chaos, with the county left to pick up the pieces of our broken society. The solution of a People's Vote, championed by the Lib Dems and a broad progressive movement, is now gathering even more support. It’s no longer just  a probability, it’s possibility and more likely by the day.
So concerned are the public that again there has been a surge in our party's membership. 
The proposed politicians' Brexit, a false Brexit, would leave our country weaker, poorer, threaten jobs, and ultimately threaten young people's futures.  It would seek to give away, not take back, control. Our hands would be tied, we would lose our seat at the table, we would lose our voice, we would have no say in the EU rules, but we would be forced follow them. We would become rule takers not rule makers. Rules decided without any input from us. Nobody, not even Michael Gove, voted for this! 
The people, including honest principled Leavers, have been misled. They were offered false promises and impossible choices in the 2016 referendum. Finally the truth is there for us to see, we have  been told we will not get our £350 million more a week for our NHS. We haven’t just missed the bus, it’s left the station and it’s nowhere to be seen!
The best possible deal for our country is and was the one we already had. It’s the honest deal as a member, standing up for Britain and our allies, working together, not apart and not on the fringe.
But if her plan fails the Prime Minister has now admitted that “no Brexit at all” is a possibility. 
With these choices, and with the botched Brexit on offer, opinion polls now consistently show the majority are not just in favour of a People's Vote but ultimately want to remain in the EU.
We need, and we demand, a people’s vote to get our country out of this Tory mess, in the national interest.  The Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for this from the very start. We are now joined by the People’s Vote campaign with the European Movement, with Open Britain, with Best for Britain, with Trades Unions with people of other and no political beliefs - over 700,000 of them. We all marched together, united, in London this October.
The time is now! I and my campaign team are in action. Will you join us ?
Jeremy Corbyn has said he won’t stop Brexit, and to be fair he’s right. We, the people, untied and stronger, we together, must and will stop it. 
It starts here, it’s starts now and it starts with you and me, with our friends, our communities and with our neighbours.
The moment is now - we need your help, let’s together demand a better Britain !
Frome - at the Market Place (starting outside Oxfam) from 10am until 12 noon. 
Somerton  - a campaign team will also be out in Somerton town centre - details to be confirmed.  Please let me know if you can come. 
We will hand out leaflets, talk to passers by and ask people what they think and to show their support by putting a poster in their window, getting in touch with us and contacting our current MP on the issue. 
Please reply to this email and [email protected] if you can help in Frome, or Somerton or in other places too.
Best wishes,
Adam Boyden
Somerton & Frome PPC
07809 284817 

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