Saxonvale Purchase

Saxonvale - local people MUST be consulted. 
As Lib Dem district councillors in Frome we welcome the decision by Mendip District Council to purchase the derelict land and buildings at Saxonvale, to regenerate the site and invest in Frome. 
However we feel it is essential that local people have a right to say how this land is developed. 
We feel strongly that everyone, not just single issue pressure groups, should have a right to say what they think the site should be used for. We want Mendip to work with the Town Council and key groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the Civic Society to consider the best options for development, and get this right for Frome. 
Because of the interest people will have as to what happens here, that there should be a proper and full public consultation on Mendip's draft proposals for the site,  at the earliest opportunity, but before any planning application is submitted, which would mean Frome residents and stakeholders can see what is being proposed and have their say before details are finalised
Anyone can contribute to this discussion. Email [email protected]
Adam Boyden, Damon Hooton, Alvin Horsfall and Claire Hudson 
Mendip District Councillors for College, Keyford and Park wards (Liberal Democrats)

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