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About us

A village-based campaign promoting the benefits and beauty of local trees in a village setting championing their preservation, maintenance and ‘replacement in situ’ in Evercreech Village and surrounding communities.

The key aims of the Village Ribbon Trees Campaign are:

  1. That there is genuine community engagement in tree management decisions 🌳
  2. That the Council’s Tree Policy is changed to allow for 'replacement in situ' of valuable village trees🌳 This means when one tree comes out, another goes in its place.
  3. That felling is a last resort, alternatives to felling are made a priority 🌳 This means the risk balanced against the benefits a tree provides.
  4. That there is regular maintenance and careful management of trees within the community🌳 This includes trees on industrial sites, or within shared spaces like playing fields or residential pathways or our cemetery. This includes planting sites that are appropriately designed and maintained for the health and longevity of the trees.
  5. That there is ongoing provision, investment and reinstatement of village, street & worksite trees  🌳This must be as part of the community, District & County Highway priorities.
  6. That a transparent and clear tree valuation policy is adopted by the District Council  🌳
  7. That planning policies are strengthened to help retain trees on development sites 🌳  This includes measure like designing sites around existing Trees and if a tree is replaced sue to overgrowth a more appropriate compact species are selected for all to enjoy.

Crucially, we all commit to promote the idea that planting trees should not be seen as a cost but as an investment that sees returns, both financially, environmentally and in the health and well-being of local residents.

🌳 To become Tree Guardian:

If you would like to become a Tree Guardian, to look after a notable trees welfare then get in touch, we will upload a picture of you and your tree.

Don’t see your area listed? Message at [email protected] to find out how to become a Tree Guardian for your area.

This role is volunteer and unpaid, but we promise you will get a warm and fuzzy feeling about doing something amazing for your community, local environment and the planet! 😊

🌳Prestleigh Road

🌳Enfield Road

🌳Horsehill Meadows





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