Who Pays for Tory Incompetence? You Do!

Jane Lock, Leader of the Liberal Democrats at SCC, was highly critical the County Council's Budget announced on Wednesday (21st) for the coming financial year.

She said: ''How many times do Somerset residents need to pay for Tory financial incompetence at Somerset County Council?


Council Tax in Somerset has already been amongst the highest in the Country over the last two years and will now rise again to the maximum allowed.

Now, they are asking taxpayers to take on a debt of up to a £120million to build schools that will be given away to academy trusts as soon as they are built.''

She added: ''Of course, we support the building of new schools; our children deserve the best environment in which to learn but we believe you (the taxpayer) have already paid for them and it is Tory mismanagement of County finances that means they are lumbering you with a debt that will never be paid.

This is all made worse by the fact that the County Council have sold £72m of your assets since 2009. We also know that they are slashing a further £10.345m from services for this coming financial year (including up to 100 staff), yet, as they did last year, the Tories have deliberately made the financial plans ambiguous as to where these cuts will exactly hit, as to not allow proper scrutiny. Perhaps this is to hide what we all know, they have been squandering your money since 2009 - when they took power.''

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